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Monkey Business Muffcakes (muffin + cupcake hybrid)

Recently, my Mom came to visit me in Oakland and prior to her arrival, I wanted to bake something in the house to make her feel welcomed. My mom is obviously a big influencer in my blog because well, she was the person who gave me very first cooking lesson. Baking to be exact. I was a highly active kid growing up, always involved in a sports team, club or activity so fundraising was always a big deal. Signature fundraisers back then usually included bake sales so my mom quickly brought me up to speed so that I could help her with the load.

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Maple Bourbon Mini Doughnut Cakes

es, another dessert recipe with alcohol infused into it...why not?! This idea came to me because I was gifted a bottle of bourbon infused maple syrup. However, when I received it, I was in the middle of detox/cleanse where I couldn't eat any sugars, breads or drink alcohol so I was kind of feeling tortured. I was just dreaming of the day I could finally crack open the bottle and pour the syrup over pancakes, waffles or ice cream and just go to town! I was drooling at the mouth for weeks.

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