About Me

Welcome to my world...Where Food + Drinks = The Perfect Platform for Poly Cultural Entertainment. This space is dedicated to my love for Culture, combined with my passion for cooking, cocktailing and entertaining! You will find that most of the recipes that I share will have a  Korean or Soul Food influence, which is a direct reflection of how my parents raised me. I was taught to embrace diversity from such a young age that it's part of my DNA. Because of this upbringing,  I  tend to draw inspiration from the people who I cross paths with and the stories and cuisines that they share with me to. I firmly believe that food is beautiful way to share stories. As for the cocktails? There is something so special yet simple about a bottle being uncorked, popped or poured that universally signifies the start of memorable moments. My wish is that you will leave here feeling a connection to my experiences or Seoul Fully Inspired to create your own.

XO + Cheers,  KB