Milk this Milkis

Let's be real...i'm terrible at naming my concoctions but buckle up because I'm not stopping! But really, this name comes from one of the ingredients that I used, Milkis. Milkis is a Korean soda beverage that is milk and yogurt flavored. I'm sure that sounds bogus if you aren't familiar with it but trust me, it's pretty yummy. Any if we are going to go there, I still can't wrap my brain around the thought of a Yohoo! 

Growing up, Milkis was a treat that I would indulge in whenever I was out shopping with my mom. Especially during the summer months. We would be navigating in and and out of the terminals and street markets and eventually pause for a refreshment break. I would grab the milkis and chug it down for instant refreshment and gratification. Anyway, you can find Milkis on amazon or if you are near an asian market. It's a fun way to break up traditional cocktail mixers! I've even tried freezing the soda into ice cubes and using it in the same cocktail so feel free to give that a shot as well! 


  • 2 Parts Vodka

  • 1 Part Raspberry Syrup

  • 1 Mint Leaf

  • Ice Cubes

  • Sparkling Yogurt Drink (Korean Soda called Milkis)

What you will need:  Shaker and strainer

Shake. it. Up.

  1.  Combine vodka and raspberry syrup into a shaker glass and shake over ice. 
  2. Using a strainer pour into a rocks glass with ice in it. 
  3. Garnish with a mint sprig.